Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Well.. I am still having trouble figuring out my ACTUAL website. Trust me it's there.

For now I will post here..because... well because there are just so many lovely products out right now that you MUST know about before they fly off the shelves. The holidays are here!

The trends for winter and spring are light colors, less harsh lines in the form of eyeliner and lipliner. I have even seen some light teal in the forecast. Cannot wait for that! For reals.

Recently I went to CVS to pick up some things for the house and grabbed a few items that I feel obligated to share with you. Because they are amazing and they are totally in line with the winter trends.

First of all- The new HD lipgloss by Revlon. So many beautiful colors. If only I had 10 heads to wear every lipgloss I loved. Life would be so much better. Scary. But beautiful.

I purchased Pedalite and Smoky Topaz. Pedalite is an orange-pink and Smoky Topaz is a brown-pink. This new HD lipgloss goes on smooth and is not sticky. It is super pretty on and has good wear time. They cost about $10 Dollars each. Great stocking stuffers or presents for friends!

Pedalite on top Smoky Topaz on bottom 

Second- Milani Lipsticks. I have been seeing these babies everywhere in magazines! You can find them at CVS and Walgreens but check your local stores. Warning these smell and taste like watermelon candy. $5 Dollars each.

I purchased Teddy Bare and Nude Creme because I felt they went along with the Revlon lipgloss. Nude Creme is a pinkish nude, while Teddy Bare is a purple/brown nude.

Finally- Cover Girl has these new Jumbo lip gloss balm sticks out. They are great. Super easy to use. Cute colors blah blah blah.. grab one! The colors don't have names for some weird reason. I love the ease of this product and the color is super cute and feminine. $10 Dollars each.

I have a whole video about all these products but for now the pictures and words will have to do! Hope this helps you navigate your way through the beauty isle this season. Grab some of the HD lipgloss for SURE before its gone!

Your blushing beauty,

Miss Ally Jean

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