Tuesday, December 16, 2014

$3 Blush from E.L.F.

My makeup obsession starts with lipstick. Always. Can never have enough. Never.

My second love belongs to blush. I love new colors, purple shades, bright pinks. There are so many lovely blushes out there. Mac makes my favorite blush, the application is usually smooth and the colors can be exciting and classic. They really know whats up over there.

But this post is about E.L.F. or Eyes Lips and Face blush. I have used a lot of blush so I've definitely come across the good and the bad.

For a mere $3 dollars, thats pocket change!, these blushes are right up there with Mac for me.

I chose three colors, from Target by the way. Top left is Twinkle Pink. Top right is Pink Passion. And bottom is Mellow Mauve. 

My two favorites are Mellow Mauve as number one, and Pink Passion as a close second. Twinkle Pink is okay, however it has a lot of sparkle which really doesn't do it for me. 

Mellow Mauve is almost a dupe of Mac's Animal Instinct from the Novel Romance collection. I really can't tell them apart. MM is a muted purple and looks lovely with those of you who have brown eyes and hair. Although, I could see it working for others as well. 

Pink Passion looks extreme however it isn't super pigmented and comes out as a lovely just "pinched pink" look on the cheek. I truly love this shade. 

For three dollars you really cannot lose with these blushes from E.L.F. 

Go pick up a few! If you are unfamiliar with how to apply blush I will post soon about proper application. Heaven forbid we all walk around like we are stuck in the 80's with our blush only directly on the apples of our cheeks! Stay with the times, ladies! 

Your blushing beauty 

Miss Ally Jean 

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