Friday, December 19, 2014

Cuff, Plain White Tee, Silk Scarf

My "studio" is under construction. Meaning I am turning Mike's old office into my filming, photographing, blogging room. It definitely needs a woman's touch. Currently It's a desk, a cardboard moose head, and some photography lights. Super cute. Today's photos will have a little peak into what that currently looks like.

Continuing on with Nina Garcia's "The One Hundred" there will be three items today. I also want to talk a little more about what she says in her book, as I find it truly fascinating.

#25. Cuff

Many of the cuffs Miss Garcia references in her book are far, far....far out of my price range. Although they are beautiful. One in particular is the Vedura cuff starting at around $12,500. Cough cough... umm no. Beautiful! But unless I hit it big that will never happen.

She also mentions the Elsa Paretti Wave cuff from Tiffany and Co. Upon a Google search I came across this stunning image.

The beautiful and talented Liza and the breathtaking Sophia. Icons. Both of them.

I decided to go for the darker of the two that Liza is wearing in the shape that Sophia has on, which is in fact the Bone cuff by Tiffany and Co.

It's a lovely piece. Masculine yet feminine. I wear a lot of black and it adds a touch of glamour to fancy and casual outfits. I have been wearing it around the house in my pajamas. I may never take it off. 

#67. Plain White Tee

"I am obsessed with Hanes three-packs. They cost nothing and will last a long time." -Nina Garcia

Who am I to argue with a statement like that? I also love Hanes white T-shirts. I purchase the V-necks although they also come in a crew neck. I find the V option to be more flattering. You surely can spend a pretty penny on a designer white tee but WHY? Why.. I do not understand the expensive plain white tee. Frequently I find myself even stealing one of Mikes out of his closet- his are from J Crew and they are super soft and comfy. 

The plain white tee goes with everything. Sometimes I wear them with gray skinny jeans, a blazer, ballet flats and a pearl necklace. Or with jeans and boots. The options are endless. If you haven't purchased a value pack of these from the men's department in Target, you are missing out! 

Look at all those cords! Lights and things everywhere! I will be so happy when it's finally all set up. Plus a camera on a tripod so I no longer have to take iPhone selfies...

#78. Silk Scarf

Nina Garcia in all her wisdom gives great advice on wearing the silk scarf "Consider it a piece of jewelry and wear it as such (it should add oomph and drama)."

I couldn't agree more. I love seeing all the different ways women come up with to wear a silk scarf. Tied in a pony tail, used as a belt, tied around the neck with the triangle pointing down. Endless options.

My silk scarf came as a surprise today. I met up with my mom for coffee after work this morning and she brought me a few treasures. My grandmother passed away when I was quite young. I met her a few times but really have no memory of her. It is a shame. She was beautiful and had lovely taste. Today my mom brought me her cashmere sweater (a wonderful shade of cream) and her silk scarf from London.

Look at those lovely greens! You can imagine my excitement when receiving this today. 

I like to think my grandmother can see me wearing this scarf, and that she is smiling. 

Needless to say we can't all get scarves passed down to us via grandmother. There are lots of silk scarves for less than $20 dollars at most thrift stores. It may take hunting through a few bins but if you are patient the right scarf will find you! 

I hope you enjoyed todays entries from "The One Hundred."

Your blushing beauty, 

Miss Ally Jean 

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  1. I am obsessed with scarves. I have a drawer stuffed to the brim. lets have a scarf party!