Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cashmere, Pearls, and Stilettos

Let me start by saying my husband is the most understanding human alive. For reals. On our wedding day he surprised me with the most beautiful wedding band from Tiffany and Co to compliment my engagement ring. I loved it, truly. But when I picked out my engagement ring I picked something that I thought looked so beautiful on its own, anything next to it takes away from its beauty. Mike, of course, was more than understanding and helped me return the ring and pick out a new necklace. Something that would last me a lifetime. With the leftovers, he said I could go on a fun little shopping spree- GOSH he's just the best.

I have been reading a book suggested to me by a new friend. The book is called "The One Hundred" by Nina Garcia. Those of you unfamiliar, you may have seen her on the TV show Project Runway. Anyways, the book discusses 100 items every woman should own. Emphasis on the word own. The book is written in such a way that it gives you the list, but allows you to approach each item with your own individuality. She explains the items where it is logical to invest, and others you can spend less on.

I have decided to acquire all 100 items (I had many already -as several of them are staple items most woman already own) and I plan on blogging about each and every one of them.

I am going to start with three of them today. All three were purchased yesterday during my impromptu shopping spree.

The book is written alphabetically so I will keep the items within the post alphabetical, however the entries themselves will not be.

#18. Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere has become exceptionally affordable these days. It is soft, versatile, and comes in endless colors. I hope to own several with different neck lines, but yesterday I purchased a simple crew neck pullover cardigan sweater. I bought it at Uniqlo- a fantastic modern store from Japan. The sweater retails around $50 and they frequently have sales. It came in several colors, and also came in a boatneck version. There are many options out there, some more expensive, some less- this is an item that you can save a little bit on or go all out. It's really up to you.

#64. Pearl Necklace

Who doesn't think of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's when they see a lovely strand of pearls? I lust after every article of clothing and jewelry from that movie. Audrey is a vision and and icon in the film. So glamorous, such a free spirit.

There are possibly a million different options when it comes to pearl necklaces. You can spend as little as $20 dollars at a store such as Nordstrom Rack, or in the thousands at Mikimoto. I decided to buy a single strand from Tiffany's to replace my ring as a lifetime, romantically inspired gift.

I chose freshwater pearls- more affordable than cultured. The strand also has a classic Tiffany toggle closure on the back, which can be flipped to the front for a younger look. I plan on layering these with other longer strands of pearls, or simply wearing them with jeans and a t-shirt.

It's best not to take pearls too seriously. That's what makes them so fabulous.

#82. Stilettos

There is a reason Manolo Blanik, Jimmy Choo, and Christian Louboutin are the most coveted shoes by women. They are simply gorgeous. And comfortable!

You do NOT want to skimp out on a pair of stilettos. I firmly believe every woman should own at least one luxury brand of shoes. Save up for them. Use your Christmas and birthday money. Prioritize! You will not regret it.

Something happens when you put on a pair of Jimmy Choos. You become a new woman. Riddled with confidence and you feel SEXY. It sounds crazy to say a pair of shoes can do that for you but they do. It's power, beauty, and confidence all rolled into one delicious pair of stiletto's. Start saving.

When you do invest in a pair- Be sure to get something you can wear with everything! Jeans, skirts, leggings you name it. A classic pair of black, and a nude pump should do. If you opt for a third pair I highly recommend a textured brown shoe.

I purchased The Jimmy Choo Abel. It's a true nude. Not too pink or brown, but just right.

I plan on having all three of these items for the rest of my life. I also hope on passing down these pearls to my child, and his or her child and so on. Having heirlooms is something that is extremely important to me. Make sure you have a few items in your wardrobe or jewelry draw that can be passed on to the next generation.

Your blushing beauty,

Miss Ally Jean

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