Monday, December 29, 2014

Driving Shoes and Hoop Earrings

Words cannot describe how happy I am that Christmas is finally over. Nothing is as over as Christmas. 

I will say that my family and friends are so generous, and I do love giving gifts as well. This year considering I am writing this blog about Nina Garcia's "The One Hundred" I definitely had a list of items I wanted, and ideas how to use any money I received as a gift. 

#28. Driving Shoe 

I asked my husband, Mike, for a pair of metallic driving shoes. 

Here is a little information from Nina;

"Also called the car shoe, it is a light shoe with its roots in the loafer. The car shoe is differentiated by the tiny rubber gussets on the soles, which were intended for traction when driving."

She describes how the driving shoe was originally worn by men on the way to black tie affairs before changing into a dress shoe. Such a concept! Nina also suggests Tod's which is an Italian company known for their driving shoes. 

Nina encourages one to buy the driving shoe in a fun color, keeping the hardware to a minimum, and stepping outside the box with prints. So many possibilities! I have always been a big fan of Sperry Top Siders, who are known for their boating shoe, but I feel as though my petite frame cannot accommodate such a shoe. They always look too thick on my feet, like I am trying to compensate for my height. But a sleek driving shoe?! Why had I not thought of this before?

The pair I asked Santa (Mike) to bring me is the pair seen here:

I've been playing around with different ways to wear these. So far my favorite is with the white pants, and a fun preppy top. Examples include: Cashmere sweater, polo shirt, striped boat neck shirt. 

 Under different lighting these shoes either look gold or silver, which I love. 

They are extremely comfortable and can be worn with almost any casual outfit. I would definitely recommend them with pants, maybe not skirts or dresses but who knows. With the right accessories I'm sure you could make it work! 

# 39. Hoop Earrings

Nina keeps her advice about hoop earrings short and sweet. "They can be bought at any price point and in an array of styles and sizes. But stick with silver or gold. In general, the thinner, the better." 

She also advises to stick to hoops that are in proportion with your face, hair and neckline. Again as a shorter person this can be challenging. Big hoops would probably end up looking silly on me. You know what they say, "The bigger the hoop..." Just kidding. Kind of. 

After some research and hunting I came across a pair of Michael Kors thin silver hoops. (This man can do no wrong I tell you!) And instantly these were on my Christmas list. A link to the earrings here

My dear friends April and Nelson were kind enough to give them to me as a present! So awesome! Here is an up close photo of the jewelry. 

They are thin and delicate, dainty and perfect! 

Here is a photo of the entire outfit.  

Easy white pants, a boat neck striped shirt, driving shoes, and hoop earrings. 

Today's post is shorter than usual but I am getting back into the game after the holidays. Learning how to use all of my photo equipment- great things are happening. 

Your blushing beauty, 

Miss Ally Jean 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Knee Boots and Wellington Boots

This is another post about my journey of collecting all 100 items from Nina Garcia's "The One Hundred". A brilliant book about one hundred items every woman needs in her closet...

Oh what a joy! The rainy season is finally here after what felt like years of drought. We need this rain so badly.

On the other hand, the rain has caught me somewhat off guard- as I do (did) not really own any clothing or shoes that are suitable for sloshing around.

I feel as though I cannot talk about rain boots without first discussing other knee boots. I have a particularly difficult time finding a good knee boot because my legs are so gosh darn short. Not to mention thick due to lifting weights.

So the journey for the perfect knee boot begins...

#45. Knee Boots

"The version that every girl needs comes just below the knee and looks best when worn with skirts that hit just above the knee." - Nina Garcia

Easier said than done Nina! ARGH! Last year I spent hours in Nordstrom trying on every. single. pair. of knee high boots in the shoe department. Curse these muscular calves!! I finally put on a pair that zipped right up- no shoving of calf into boot needed.

I am also wearing knee high socks in these photos- more info later

These boots are Via Spiga, and I am assuming they do not make them anymore because they were on clearance last year. The name brand and the style are not important. What is important is that they fit, they are comfortable, and they hit me just below the knee. Also, the simple design guarantees they will go with almost any outfit.

The boots look stellar with above-the-knee length skirts, tights and a dress, skinny jeans. The works. When going out to find the perfect pair of knee length boots I highly recommend wearing one of those three items - so you can be sure they will work with your wardrobe. Nordstrom seems to always have great sales on boots, especially this time of year so go check your local store!

Oh if it were only that simple. I feel (very) strongly that a woman needs one pair of flat black boots, and one pair of heeled boots. So the challenge this year was to find a heeled boot that didn't make me look like a stripper (not that there is anything wrong with that) and had a simple yet fun look.

I had a gift card to Macy's and I had been eyeballing a pair of Vince Camuto boots for some time. So a few days ago I went to try them on to test out the comfort and fit.

It is worth noting that these also come in a "wide calf" version seen here:

I would check your local Macy's because I only paid $99 dollars for mine and they are listed for more online. Are these lifetime knee high boots for me? The gold zipper on the side says "No." But I think they are appropriate and fun for my late 20's and possibly early 30's. I will more than likely be replacing them with a non-zippered version in a few years but for now these are just the ticket.

"If wearing knee-high boots with mini skirts, it's probably best to wear opaque tights." Good advice, Nina!

#96. Wellington Boots

Nina references a photo of Kate Moss wearing Hunter Wellington boots at a music festival in 2005. Upon a google search I came across several images of said boots. Here is one:

Does this muddy look inspire my glamorous side? No. But it's cute and I like music festivals too so it was worth diving a little deeper. 

Again, I found myself at Nordstrom, looking at the Hunter boots. It was as though they were staring back at me, mocking me with their "knee high" length. Saying "Ally, your tiny little legs will never fit these rain boots!" With some hesitation I grabbed the boots off the display, luckily in my size, and tried them on. BAM! 

A perfect fit! 

I could see myself wearing this with everything but the kitchen sink. They are so comfortable and easy to walk in. Unlike some other stiff and stubborn rain boots. They were on sale, how could I say no?! They do run large. I usually wear a 7.5 and I purchased these in a 7 and they are a great fit with socks and tights. Hello rainy days!

If you are considering investing in several pairs of boots for winter, or even one pair, I would suggest getting a pair of over-the-knee socks. I tend to struggle finding pairs that do not smoosh my legs like little sausages. Yesterday I discovered a pair that fit well and do not cut off my circulation.

$12 Black Socks Worn in all the Photos

I hope you found this post helpful for your own journey of finding the perfect knee length boot, and gave you ideas of what to wear them with. The truth is your boots should really go with everything you have! So take your time finding the right pair! Put on a pair of boots and you'll be ready to conquer the world! 

In the wise words of Nancy Sinatra "These boots were made for walkin'".

Your blushing beauty, 

Miss Ally Jean

Friday, December 19, 2014

My Beauty Secrets

It's really no secret that most women have large pores, short eyelashes, and dry skin. It's like- a LOT of pressure to look amazing all the time.

Especially when you suffer from acne, rosacea, or just occasional wretchedness. I know I do.

I've dabbled in both the natural and chemical of basically every beauty product out there. I've made my own products, even, some have turned out to be quite successful- others not so much.

I am going to show you some tips and tricks and I will finish this post with the one product that I think is a game changer in the complexion world.

It seams trivial - but drinking enough water every day will make your skin look so much better. I don't mean, have a few glasses of water every day. I mean drink at least 1 liter of water every day if not 2. Hydration is everything. Start here and if you don't see a huge difference in your complexion in a week I'd be shocked.

Enlarged Pores

First of all if you have large pores there are a few things you can do to cover this while you are treating them. There are two products out there that you put on BEFORE you put your foundation on and both of them work well. They are the same item made by two different brands so I am going to give you the high/low.

High - Benefit Porefessional $31

I've used this product for years and it works well (although I do not currently use it because ..well I'll get into that). It is expensive, though. It fills your pores before you put on your makeup so it isn't a permanent solution to the problem, but it will give your makeup a flawless look when used.

Low - Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser - $6

The feel of this product on the skin is not as light as the Benefit but the outcome looks the same. So if you are on a budget (or even if you're not!) this is a great option. I bought mine at Target.

In addition to these, Glam Glow makes a great mask for pore reduction.

The Glam Glow mask was recommended to me by my makeup artist for our wedding, Savannah Perez. The girl knows her stuff. See her work here :

Red Skin 

If you have red or splotchy skin, also known as rosacea, you may have a food allergy. I used to get extremely red skin from eating tomatoes. Sometimes I still get it if I have straight espresso, alcohol, or spicy foods. Try eliminating these things first to see if it has an effect.

In the mean time there are things you can do to cover the redness. A yellow tinted concealer can be extremely helpful to cover any redness especially from breakouts. Blending properly does take a practiced hand, so take some time to work on your application skills before leaving the house. This is my go to pallet for covering any redness or blemishes.

Mac Studio Conceal and Correct $40 and worth every penny

My Cure-all = Clarisonic 

Now I am really going to get into the nitty gritty of how I changed my skin for the better. Let me emphasize by saying I tried many, MANY natural options. Some good ones- tea tree oil, oil cleansing, honey masks... the list goes on. But none of these were a permanent solution for me.

I started a new skin regime about a month ago and my skin has done a complete one-eighty. I decided to try using proactive + which states to be much better than the original formula. I used to use proactive back in the day and did not like it. I also purchased a Clarisonic with a sensitive head attachment.

Now my nightly routine goes like this:

1. Wash face with Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser - this is a super quick was just to remove the makeup.

2. Apply small amount of Step 1 of Proactive + to my Clarisonic and wash face - takes 1 minute

3. Follow steps 2 and 3 of the Proactive + system.

In the morning, I just rinse my face with water or wash with a small amount of the Neutrogena.

This is what works for ME. If you don't suffer from moderate to mild breakouts but have enlarged pores or red skin I would recommend the Clarisonic with the sensitive attachment with a mild cleanser like the Neutrogena.

Pointers- Do not start all out with the Clarisonic. Start 3x per week and move up to 1x per day. 

I have notice a HUGE change in the size of my pores meaning they are MUCH smaller than they used to be. My skin is always soft, and makeup application looks 100x better. Yes the Clarisonic is expensive, but for me it was worth the investment to feel confident about my skin.

Today is the LAST DAY of Clarisonic's 20% off deal

Short Lashes

Final words for all my ladies out there who are looking for the perfect mascara to create the look of long lashes. I swear by this combo:

Dior Maximizer and Dior Overcurl $25 each

The white tube is a prep/primer for your lashes. It conditions and lengthens. The silver tube has an awesome curved applicator that adds plenty of curl and bounce to the lashes. If you have to pick only one bottle, go for the Overcurl. Dior frequently has buy two get one free deals. Stock up when you can. It's a show stopper. 

If $25 dollar mascara is out of your price range:

L'OrĂ©al makes a mascara called Voluminous Original. This does not provide a lot of curl though so be sure to curl your lashes well, before applying. Although you should be curling your lashes before you apply your mascara anyways... but do NOT curl them once you have mascara on. That's just asking for trouble. 

Maybelline makes a mascara called Pumped Up! In a bright pink and yellow tube. This is what I call a "purse mascara." Perfect for throwing on at any time. Adds volume and length. 

I hope this information was helpful for you ladies. Please feel free to ask questions or shoot me a message if you have anything specific you'd like to know!

Your blushing beauty

Miss Ally Jean

Cuff, Plain White Tee, Silk Scarf

My "studio" is under construction. Meaning I am turning Mike's old office into my filming, photographing, blogging room. It definitely needs a woman's touch. Currently It's a desk, a cardboard moose head, and some photography lights. Super cute. Today's photos will have a little peak into what that currently looks like.

Continuing on with Nina Garcia's "The One Hundred" there will be three items today. I also want to talk a little more about what she says in her book, as I find it truly fascinating.

#25. Cuff

Many of the cuffs Miss Garcia references in her book are far, far....far out of my price range. Although they are beautiful. One in particular is the Vedura cuff starting at around $12,500. Cough cough... umm no. Beautiful! But unless I hit it big that will never happen.

She also mentions the Elsa Paretti Wave cuff from Tiffany and Co. Upon a Google search I came across this stunning image.

The beautiful and talented Liza and the breathtaking Sophia. Icons. Both of them.

I decided to go for the darker of the two that Liza is wearing in the shape that Sophia has on, which is in fact the Bone cuff by Tiffany and Co.

It's a lovely piece. Masculine yet feminine. I wear a lot of black and it adds a touch of glamour to fancy and casual outfits. I have been wearing it around the house in my pajamas. I may never take it off. 

#67. Plain White Tee

"I am obsessed with Hanes three-packs. They cost nothing and will last a long time." -Nina Garcia

Who am I to argue with a statement like that? I also love Hanes white T-shirts. I purchase the V-necks although they also come in a crew neck. I find the V option to be more flattering. You surely can spend a pretty penny on a designer white tee but WHY? Why.. I do not understand the expensive plain white tee. Frequently I find myself even stealing one of Mikes out of his closet- his are from J Crew and they are super soft and comfy. 

The plain white tee goes with everything. Sometimes I wear them with gray skinny jeans, a blazer, ballet flats and a pearl necklace. Or with jeans and boots. The options are endless. If you haven't purchased a value pack of these from the men's department in Target, you are missing out! 

Look at all those cords! Lights and things everywhere! I will be so happy when it's finally all set up. Plus a camera on a tripod so I no longer have to take iPhone selfies...

#78. Silk Scarf

Nina Garcia in all her wisdom gives great advice on wearing the silk scarf "Consider it a piece of jewelry and wear it as such (it should add oomph and drama)."

I couldn't agree more. I love seeing all the different ways women come up with to wear a silk scarf. Tied in a pony tail, used as a belt, tied around the neck with the triangle pointing down. Endless options.

My silk scarf came as a surprise today. I met up with my mom for coffee after work this morning and she brought me a few treasures. My grandmother passed away when I was quite young. I met her a few times but really have no memory of her. It is a shame. She was beautiful and had lovely taste. Today my mom brought me her cashmere sweater (a wonderful shade of cream) and her silk scarf from London.

Look at those lovely greens! You can imagine my excitement when receiving this today. 

I like to think my grandmother can see me wearing this scarf, and that she is smiling. 

Needless to say we can't all get scarves passed down to us via grandmother. There are lots of silk scarves for less than $20 dollars at most thrift stores. It may take hunting through a few bins but if you are patient the right scarf will find you! 

I hope you enjoyed todays entries from "The One Hundred."

Your blushing beauty, 

Miss Ally Jean 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Blush Application

Blush Application

I wont say too much here except that this is a easy and quick blush tutorial. Every day wear. Grab throw on and go type of look. Easy and comes out looking super flawless.

Here is the link to the video!

Main take-a-ways 

Use something for contour : a brown or nude blush - or matte bronzer

Layer your preferred colored blush on top of the contour.

Blend blend blend.

Here are links for the products in the video

Mac Brushes #129 and #168

Pin up passion brush set

Hoola by Benefit

Sonia Kashuk Holiday Brushes

Your blushing beauty,

Miss Ally Jean

Fishnets, Mary Janes and Red Lipstick

Last night I went to the most amazing 40th birthday party for a long time friend of mine. It was fabulous. They shut down a restaurant, rented a real photo booth, gave away decadent bottles of wine and beer as favors, delicious food and open bar. It was supreme! It has really gotten me in the mood for parties and the holidays!

Continuing on my adventure of acquiring the 100 items, as so thoughtfully discussed by Nina Garcia in her book, "The One Hundred" -today I will be showing you three of my items from the list.

#32. Fishnets.

When you hear the word "fishnets" it may conjure up visions which some may label as "tacky." However, when done right fishnets can be a vital part of a woman's wardrobe. They are playful, sexy, and give your ensemble that extra edge.

When buying fishnets be sure to buy a FINE mesh. Meaning not a lot of space between the squares. You will be able to find large spaced nets- those are great for halloween pirate outfits, but not much else.

             These are my favorite pair. Currently on sale an Nordstrom. 2 pairs for $30

 Have fun with fishnets! They can be worn in so many different ways. Maybe avoid high to Heaven heels with a tiny skirt though? Keep it classy, ladies. 

Here are two fun and flirty options. Black with black heels. And nude under a white pant with a high heel. Why not? 

#54. Mary Janes 

Mary Janes. What woman doesn't drool over a pair of these sweet yet sexy shoes. In a heel version they can evoke a sense of innocence with a powerful sting of vengeance. Don't mess with a girl in high heeled Mary Janes. 

There are plenty of affordable options out there in a flat and in a heel. Find one that works for you. I would recommend a low strap. The ankle straps tend to cut off the leg in a really awkward and unforgiving way. 

Here is a photo of my favorite Mary Janes. They were a gift from my husband when we first got married back at the beginning of the year (the TV wedding). 

These are made by Christian Louboutin. Gotta love those red bottoms. 

I've worn these shoes with pants, skirts, dresses, you name it. They are a classic shoe that will never go out of style. 

#72. Red Lipstick

Last night I wore red lipstick to the party. It's the holidays after all. Here is a photo of my makeup right before we left. 

I had a Nordstrom gift card so I decided to use it on a tube of Chanel lipstick in color 99 "Pirate"

It is a blue undertone red lipstick which I think looks best with my olive skin. Other great reds- "Ruby Woo" by Mac, "Really Red" by Revlon. The list goes on. The best thing you can do is go to a makeup counter and try on as many shades as they have until you find the best version for you. 

WARNING: Red lipstick is NOT just a throw on and go lipstick. You need to prep your lips, line them well, and brush on your lipstick. Or be vary delicate with applying it straight from the tube. This takes practice, practice, and more practice but the pay off is oh-so-sweet. 

99 Pirate by Chanel 

I hope you enjoyed today's entries. I will be posting again shorty with a blush application video. A frequently requested tutorial. Take care beautiful flowers- go out into the world and be glamorous! 

Your blushing beauty, 

Miss Ally Jean 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

$3 Blush from E.L.F.

My makeup obsession starts with lipstick. Always. Can never have enough. Never.

My second love belongs to blush. I love new colors, purple shades, bright pinks. There are so many lovely blushes out there. Mac makes my favorite blush, the application is usually smooth and the colors can be exciting and classic. They really know whats up over there.

But this post is about E.L.F. or Eyes Lips and Face blush. I have used a lot of blush so I've definitely come across the good and the bad.

For a mere $3 dollars, thats pocket change!, these blushes are right up there with Mac for me.

I chose three colors, from Target by the way. Top left is Twinkle Pink. Top right is Pink Passion. And bottom is Mellow Mauve. 

My two favorites are Mellow Mauve as number one, and Pink Passion as a close second. Twinkle Pink is okay, however it has a lot of sparkle which really doesn't do it for me. 

Mellow Mauve is almost a dupe of Mac's Animal Instinct from the Novel Romance collection. I really can't tell them apart. MM is a muted purple and looks lovely with those of you who have brown eyes and hair. Although, I could see it working for others as well. 

Pink Passion looks extreme however it isn't super pigmented and comes out as a lovely just "pinched pink" look on the cheek. I truly love this shade. 

For three dollars you really cannot lose with these blushes from E.L.F. 

Go pick up a few! If you are unfamiliar with how to apply blush I will post soon about proper application. Heaven forbid we all walk around like we are stuck in the 80's with our blush only directly on the apples of our cheeks! Stay with the times, ladies! 

Your blushing beauty 

Miss Ally Jean 

Cashmere, Pearls, and Stilettos

Let me start by saying my husband is the most understanding human alive. For reals. On our wedding day he surprised me with the most beautiful wedding band from Tiffany and Co to compliment my engagement ring. I loved it, truly. But when I picked out my engagement ring I picked something that I thought looked so beautiful on its own, anything next to it takes away from its beauty. Mike, of course, was more than understanding and helped me return the ring and pick out a new necklace. Something that would last me a lifetime. With the leftovers, he said I could go on a fun little shopping spree- GOSH he's just the best.

I have been reading a book suggested to me by a new friend. The book is called "The One Hundred" by Nina Garcia. Those of you unfamiliar, you may have seen her on the TV show Project Runway. Anyways, the book discusses 100 items every woman should own. Emphasis on the word own. The book is written in such a way that it gives you the list, but allows you to approach each item with your own individuality. She explains the items where it is logical to invest, and others you can spend less on.

I have decided to acquire all 100 items (I had many already -as several of them are staple items most woman already own) and I plan on blogging about each and every one of them.

I am going to start with three of them today. All three were purchased yesterday during my impromptu shopping spree.

The book is written alphabetically so I will keep the items within the post alphabetical, however the entries themselves will not be.

#18. Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere has become exceptionally affordable these days. It is soft, versatile, and comes in endless colors. I hope to own several with different neck lines, but yesterday I purchased a simple crew neck pullover cardigan sweater. I bought it at Uniqlo- a fantastic modern store from Japan. The sweater retails around $50 and they frequently have sales. It came in several colors, and also came in a boatneck version. There are many options out there, some more expensive, some less- this is an item that you can save a little bit on or go all out. It's really up to you.

#64. Pearl Necklace

Who doesn't think of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's when they see a lovely strand of pearls? I lust after every article of clothing and jewelry from that movie. Audrey is a vision and and icon in the film. So glamorous, such a free spirit.

There are possibly a million different options when it comes to pearl necklaces. You can spend as little as $20 dollars at a store such as Nordstrom Rack, or in the thousands at Mikimoto. I decided to buy a single strand from Tiffany's to replace my ring as a lifetime, romantically inspired gift.

I chose freshwater pearls- more affordable than cultured. The strand also has a classic Tiffany toggle closure on the back, which can be flipped to the front for a younger look. I plan on layering these with other longer strands of pearls, or simply wearing them with jeans and a t-shirt.

It's best not to take pearls too seriously. That's what makes them so fabulous.

#82. Stilettos

There is a reason Manolo Blanik, Jimmy Choo, and Christian Louboutin are the most coveted shoes by women. They are simply gorgeous. And comfortable!

You do NOT want to skimp out on a pair of stilettos. I firmly believe every woman should own at least one luxury brand of shoes. Save up for them. Use your Christmas and birthday money. Prioritize! You will not regret it.

Something happens when you put on a pair of Jimmy Choos. You become a new woman. Riddled with confidence and you feel SEXY. It sounds crazy to say a pair of shoes can do that for you but they do. It's power, beauty, and confidence all rolled into one delicious pair of stiletto's. Start saving.

When you do invest in a pair- Be sure to get something you can wear with everything! Jeans, skirts, leggings you name it. A classic pair of black, and a nude pump should do. If you opt for a third pair I highly recommend a textured brown shoe.

I purchased The Jimmy Choo Abel. It's a true nude. Not too pink or brown, but just right.

I plan on having all three of these items for the rest of my life. I also hope on passing down these pearls to my child, and his or her child and so on. Having heirlooms is something that is extremely important to me. Make sure you have a few items in your wardrobe or jewelry draw that can be passed on to the next generation.

Your blushing beauty,

Miss Ally Jean

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Well.. I am still having trouble figuring out my ACTUAL website. Trust me it's there.

For now I will post here..because... well because there are just so many lovely products out right now that you MUST know about before they fly off the shelves. The holidays are here!

The trends for winter and spring are light colors, less harsh lines in the form of eyeliner and lipliner. I have even seen some light teal in the forecast. Cannot wait for that! For reals.

Recently I went to CVS to pick up some things for the house and grabbed a few items that I feel obligated to share with you. Because they are amazing and they are totally in line with the winter trends.

First of all- The new HD lipgloss by Revlon. So many beautiful colors. If only I had 10 heads to wear every lipgloss I loved. Life would be so much better. Scary. But beautiful.

I purchased Pedalite and Smoky Topaz. Pedalite is an orange-pink and Smoky Topaz is a brown-pink. This new HD lipgloss goes on smooth and is not sticky. It is super pretty on and has good wear time. They cost about $10 Dollars each. Great stocking stuffers or presents for friends!

Pedalite on top Smoky Topaz on bottom 

Second- Milani Lipsticks. I have been seeing these babies everywhere in magazines! You can find them at CVS and Walgreens but check your local stores. Warning these smell and taste like watermelon candy. $5 Dollars each.

I purchased Teddy Bare and Nude Creme because I felt they went along with the Revlon lipgloss. Nude Creme is a pinkish nude, while Teddy Bare is a purple/brown nude.

Finally- Cover Girl has these new Jumbo lip gloss balm sticks out. They are great. Super easy to use. Cute colors blah blah blah.. grab one! The colors don't have names for some weird reason. I love the ease of this product and the color is super cute and feminine. $10 Dollars each.

I have a whole video about all these products but for now the pictures and words will have to do! Hope this helps you navigate your way through the beauty isle this season. Grab some of the HD lipgloss for SURE before its gone!

Your blushing beauty,

Miss Ally Jean