Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Knee Boots and Wellington Boots

This is another post about my journey of collecting all 100 items from Nina Garcia's "The One Hundred". A brilliant book about one hundred items every woman needs in her closet...

Oh what a joy! The rainy season is finally here after what felt like years of drought. We need this rain so badly.

On the other hand, the rain has caught me somewhat off guard- as I do (did) not really own any clothing or shoes that are suitable for sloshing around.

I feel as though I cannot talk about rain boots without first discussing other knee boots. I have a particularly difficult time finding a good knee boot because my legs are so gosh darn short. Not to mention thick due to lifting weights.

So the journey for the perfect knee boot begins...

#45. Knee Boots

"The version that every girl needs comes just below the knee and looks best when worn with skirts that hit just above the knee." - Nina Garcia

Easier said than done Nina! ARGH! Last year I spent hours in Nordstrom trying on every. single. pair. of knee high boots in the shoe department. Curse these muscular calves!! I finally put on a pair that zipped right up- no shoving of calf into boot needed.

I am also wearing knee high socks in these photos- more info later

These boots are Via Spiga, and I am assuming they do not make them anymore because they were on clearance last year. The name brand and the style are not important. What is important is that they fit, they are comfortable, and they hit me just below the knee. Also, the simple design guarantees they will go with almost any outfit.

The boots look stellar with above-the-knee length skirts, tights and a dress, skinny jeans. The works. When going out to find the perfect pair of knee length boots I highly recommend wearing one of those three items - so you can be sure they will work with your wardrobe. Nordstrom seems to always have great sales on boots, especially this time of year so go check your local store!

Oh if it were only that simple. I feel (very) strongly that a woman needs one pair of flat black boots, and one pair of heeled boots. So the challenge this year was to find a heeled boot that didn't make me look like a stripper (not that there is anything wrong with that) and had a simple yet fun look.

I had a gift card to Macy's and I had been eyeballing a pair of Vince Camuto boots for some time. So a few days ago I went to try them on to test out the comfort and fit.

It is worth noting that these also come in a "wide calf" version seen here:

I would check your local Macy's because I only paid $99 dollars for mine and they are listed for more online. Are these lifetime knee high boots for me? The gold zipper on the side says "No." But I think they are appropriate and fun for my late 20's and possibly early 30's. I will more than likely be replacing them with a non-zippered version in a few years but for now these are just the ticket.

"If wearing knee-high boots with mini skirts, it's probably best to wear opaque tights." Good advice, Nina!

#96. Wellington Boots

Nina references a photo of Kate Moss wearing Hunter Wellington boots at a music festival in 2005. Upon a google search I came across several images of said boots. Here is one:

Does this muddy look inspire my glamorous side? No. But it's cute and I like music festivals too so it was worth diving a little deeper. 

Again, I found myself at Nordstrom, looking at the Hunter boots. It was as though they were staring back at me, mocking me with their "knee high" length. Saying "Ally, your tiny little legs will never fit these rain boots!" With some hesitation I grabbed the boots off the display, luckily in my size, and tried them on. BAM! 

A perfect fit! 

I could see myself wearing this with everything but the kitchen sink. They are so comfortable and easy to walk in. Unlike some other stiff and stubborn rain boots. They were on sale, how could I say no?! They do run large. I usually wear a 7.5 and I purchased these in a 7 and they are a great fit with socks and tights. Hello rainy days!

If you are considering investing in several pairs of boots for winter, or even one pair, I would suggest getting a pair of over-the-knee socks. I tend to struggle finding pairs that do not smoosh my legs like little sausages. Yesterday I discovered a pair that fit well and do not cut off my circulation.

$12 Black Socks Worn in all the Photos

I hope you found this post helpful for your own journey of finding the perfect knee length boot, and gave you ideas of what to wear them with. The truth is your boots should really go with everything you have! So take your time finding the right pair! Put on a pair of boots and you'll be ready to conquer the world! 

In the wise words of Nancy Sinatra "These boots were made for walkin'".

Your blushing beauty, 

Miss Ally Jean

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