Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fishnets, Mary Janes and Red Lipstick

Last night I went to the most amazing 40th birthday party for a long time friend of mine. It was fabulous. They shut down a restaurant, rented a real photo booth, gave away decadent bottles of wine and beer as favors, delicious food and open bar. It was supreme! It has really gotten me in the mood for parties and the holidays!

Continuing on my adventure of acquiring the 100 items, as so thoughtfully discussed by Nina Garcia in her book, "The One Hundred" -today I will be showing you three of my items from the list.

#32. Fishnets.

When you hear the word "fishnets" it may conjure up visions which some may label as "tacky." However, when done right fishnets can be a vital part of a woman's wardrobe. They are playful, sexy, and give your ensemble that extra edge.

When buying fishnets be sure to buy a FINE mesh. Meaning not a lot of space between the squares. You will be able to find large spaced nets- those are great for halloween pirate outfits, but not much else.

             These are my favorite pair. Currently on sale an Nordstrom. 2 pairs for $30

 Have fun with fishnets! They can be worn in so many different ways. Maybe avoid high to Heaven heels with a tiny skirt though? Keep it classy, ladies. 

Here are two fun and flirty options. Black with black heels. And nude under a white pant with a high heel. Why not? 

#54. Mary Janes 

Mary Janes. What woman doesn't drool over a pair of these sweet yet sexy shoes. In a heel version they can evoke a sense of innocence with a powerful sting of vengeance. Don't mess with a girl in high heeled Mary Janes. 

There are plenty of affordable options out there in a flat and in a heel. Find one that works for you. I would recommend a low strap. The ankle straps tend to cut off the leg in a really awkward and unforgiving way. 

Here is a photo of my favorite Mary Janes. They were a gift from my husband when we first got married back at the beginning of the year (the TV wedding). 

These are made by Christian Louboutin. Gotta love those red bottoms. 

I've worn these shoes with pants, skirts, dresses, you name it. They are a classic shoe that will never go out of style. 

#72. Red Lipstick

Last night I wore red lipstick to the party. It's the holidays after all. Here is a photo of my makeup right before we left. 

I had a Nordstrom gift card so I decided to use it on a tube of Chanel lipstick in color 99 "Pirate"

It is a blue undertone red lipstick which I think looks best with my olive skin. Other great reds- "Ruby Woo" by Mac, "Really Red" by Revlon. The list goes on. The best thing you can do is go to a makeup counter and try on as many shades as they have until you find the best version for you. 

WARNING: Red lipstick is NOT just a throw on and go lipstick. You need to prep your lips, line them well, and brush on your lipstick. Or be vary delicate with applying it straight from the tube. This takes practice, practice, and more practice but the pay off is oh-so-sweet. 

99 Pirate by Chanel 

I hope you enjoyed today's entries. I will be posting again shorty with a blush application video. A frequently requested tutorial. Take care beautiful flowers- go out into the world and be glamorous! 

Your blushing beauty, 

Miss Ally Jean 

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