Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Natural products workshop

Hey ladies! In case you missed out I made extras! 

Organic makeup brush spot cleaner $8

Ingredients: water, Dr Bronners baby hemp soap, isopropyl alcohol, organic free and clear shampoo, vitamin e oil 

Directions : After each brush use, take a clean face cloth, lay brush down on cloth and spray brush with 3-4 sprays of spot cleaner. Gently massage brush with cloth and wipe clean. 

Spot cleaner prevents brushes from drying out, keeps them clean and bacteria free allowing for better makeup application and reduces chance of breakouts. Please deep clean your brushes once a week (I have another product that's great for this I will make a video of soon!) 

Homemade hairspray $6

Ingredients : sugar, vodka, water and essential oils (doTerra)

I can create custom levels of 'hold' although I've found medium to be the best. Spray like any other hairspray. This homeade version does not leave a sticky residue on styled hair. Can be used on wet hair to create beachy waves as hair dries. 

Essential oils hair wax $10

Ingredients: organic Shea butter, organic bees wax, organic fractionated coconut oil, essential oils (doTerra)

This is the product everyone always asks me to borrow or make for them. Great for men and women. Take a small amount (half a pea) and rub between hands until completely melted and gently "brush" into hair with hands focusing on the ends. Will reduce frizz and create soft, controlled  hair that lasts all day. Seriously a miracle product. 

Shipping is an extra $5 or you can come pick them up from my house. 

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And tell me what you would like in your order. Stay beautiful! 


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