Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I am so short. Little, tiny short thick legs. Shopping for pants is a nightmare. I always end up feeling really bad about myself when I'm trying on jeans, and then I have to stop and remember most jeans are made for tall, slender humans.

Recently I discovered a store called Uniqlo, where all their jeans come in one length, and they hem them for free. FREE I tell you. It's a wondrous, beautiful thing. You pick your waist size based on inches, and then the person working in the fitting room marks your jeans exactly where you want them hemmed, and two hours later they are ready. AH! If you have not experienced this I highly recommend going. They have jeans in all colors and fades. It's fantastic.

#42. Jeans

I can't even begin to describe the frustration, the bicep workout, the pulling on the belt loops or breath holding that has occurred while trying on jeans in the dressing room. I'm getting worked up just thinking about it. In her book "The One Hundred" Nina Garcia gives great advice when it comes to trying on jeans "Do not assume that because a brand is expensive or a friend or celebrity 'swears by them' that they will be the right jeans for you. One brand does not suit all."

She goes on to advise trying on many, many pairs until you find that magical one. I don't think a woman needs more than 2 pairs of jeans. Also, you will most likely/definitely need to have them tailored. All bodies are not made alike. And that is a GOOD thing.

There are so many brands out there that cost so much money! More than $100 for a pair of jeans? I don't think so! I paid $30 dollars for mine and Uniqlo and that included hemming! I have a very mobile job- even when I come in when I am not teaching I am usually picking things up or bending down to grab this or that. I need jeans that have a bit of stretch. Unless you are just sitting all day you probably do too.

Here are a few photos of how movable the jeans I chose from Uniqlo really are.

I can literally jump, bend over and pick something up, run, everything! Which is really important to me. When I bend over to grab something I don't need the world to see my crack. And neither do you- so pick a pair of jeans that fit properly! Sit down in them in the dressing room, jump up and down, you are going to be living your life in these, not just standing perfectly.

 Uniqlo Jeans Rolled Up-  Ballet Flat Shoes  

  Shot of My Awesome Burberry Trench

They are a super dark wash, I went a size up from my normal because I don't think jeans need to squeeze your butt to look good. Sometimes less is more. Actually all the time. My next pair on my hit list are Levi's 501s which I will most likely buy next week. I won't do an entire post about them but I'll make sure they are in a photo and tag it accordingly.

Happy denim shopping, ladies!

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