Thursday, January 15, 2015

Full Lips and ELF Jasmine Review

Ah! Full lips are so sexy! But getting lip injections can be expensive and painful (so I hear.) I was seriously considering getting them, and decided to look at some other non semi-permanent options first.

I stumbled upon Full Lips on Amazon, which has amazing reviews! The order page can be found here, and the order came in two days despite the fact it was not an Amazon Prime option.

The packaging is adorable! I love that they made these little gadgets red- so cute and I like the little lips on the end too.

I was slightly skeptical but after using the product twice I am a believer!

Warning, if you use the product too much you can get bruising on your lips, which I totally did. So don't get too excited about it the first time you use it. Go SLOW! I made a video about the product and how to use it for a slightly larger lip, however when I used it last night I went all out and my lips were much bigger! The enhancement lasts about 4 hours and the Full Lips piece is small enough to carry in your bag, which is really nice because you can touch up in the bathroom if needed. (Perhaps in a stall though... you may look silly doing this in the mirror but whatever pride be damned!)

The video tutorial can be found on my YouTube channel! Click here to watch! I'm still trying to figure out how to get the best sound- but it's getting there!

Also included is a short review and tutorial on the new Disney princess Jasmine products by ELF. I love these so much but I am a huge disney fan, if you couldn't tell by my Alice in Wonderland tattoo. My brother Isaac Armas at Bizarre Tattoo in Omaha NE did this awesome piece during the summer!

Fresh Ink! 

Anyways! ELF has made several princess collections, and I have to say the lip and cheek pallet for Jasmine is by far my favorite. The lip gloss/glaze has medium pigmentation and looks great on. The blush isn't super pigmented but I have been using it on top of darker blushes almost as a highlighter or on its own for a super light day to day look. Great for work! And it is so beautiful! 

Princess Jasmine on the Packaging - so pretty! 

You can see I've used this quite a bit already! 

Pick up both of these products if you can! The ELF princess collections can be found at Walmart and for only a few dollars more, on eBay. Have fun and stay beautiful! 

Your blushing beauty, 

Miss Ally Jean 

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